What is "Daimoku Chart"?

It is a chart used to count your amount of the Daimoku, and to chant Daimoku with delight.

The new age has come!

What is Daimoku Chart Maker?

Have you ever hoped if Daimoku chart could be made from your favorite word and the picture? However, it is the very time-consuming in case of actually making it. The tool to process this laborious task with the personal computer is this Daimoku Chart Maker.

Revolution of stereotype

The age when we use Daimoku chart of one million times a year has already ended. You may delimit to a large target and an inside target, etc. , and whenever reaching the objective at each fight, you may make it because now, you can freely make Daimoku chart with this tool. Anyway, let's make and paint Daimoku chart which you wants to paint instinctively.

We will willingly receive your demands of making your original Daimoku chart!!

"I want such Daimoku chart". We will satisfy such demands. Please send us e-mail.

Daimoku chart recruitment.

Let's have other people use Daimoku chart that you make. Please send it with the attached file in e-mail.

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Open Day : 2008/03/16
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