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Daimoku Chart Maker type I

Daimoku Chart Maker type I for Windows

A present version is 1.01. It is based unicode.
This software can make character based daimoku chart with your favorite word.

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>> How to use(PDF file)

Daimoku Chart Maker for Mac OS

It is a publmic version. The system requirement is OS X 10.6(snow leopard) or later


>> How to use(PDF file)

Daimoku Chart Maker type II

The plugin for image processing software

This plugin adds processing of Mass drawing to existing image processing software. It is possible to create high-quality daimoku chart.

Mass Paint filter for "Pixia"

>>download >>Pixia

Mass Paint plugin for "Photoshop(elements)"

>>under develapment

Daimoku Chart Maker for WEB

A present version is version 1,0. Please inform us of troubles with e-mail.
you can input your favorite image on WEB, and it draws brocks. The background color must be white as notes. The area except for white is divided into the blocks. If the character is written on the image beforehand, Daimoku chart of the character can be made. Use for the profit-pursuing purpose is prohibited.


>> GO (under maintenance)

Administrator : sakusha
Open Day : 2008/03/16
Contact : here